Bridal Gift Registry Ideas

Once you become engaged, friends and relatives will be anxious to know what your bridal gift registry ideas are. And, so the search for the perfect wedding gift for you will begin.

Know where you want to register and help your guests by registering early on various online sites and national chain stores. Doing this takes the angst and guesswork out of gift giving for your guest, and you get what you want!

You don’t have to complete your list entirely, but you do want to have a few ideas and suggestions on the list for those early shoppers.

Registry Notification

How you notify your guests of where you are registered is a matter of taste. Most brides choose to tell their family, the groom’s family, close friends and the wedding party and let word-of-mouth work for them.

Yes, even in this day of the online world, it is still the best and socially accepted way to let others know about your registry.

This makes it even more importantPeople Talking to get your registry set up early so the information can be shared quickly and informally with those closest to you and the groom.

If you have an online wedding site, you may choose to include the web address on your invitation. It is considered not in the best taste, however, to include your registry information on your site.

However, the site will include lots of names and contact information that will make it easier for the guests to call someone from the family, friends, wedding party group, to get the information they need.

Registry List Decisions

You should not feel obligated to put traditional items such as china or silverware on your list. Make this a list of things you and your spouse want and the things that will fit your lifestyle.

Are you both runners, for instance, then you should put items on the list you may want or need for this activity.

If you need certain equipment or other items for your home, put it on the list.

A few more expensive items may be included as well. Often friends will pool their money and buy a more expensive that could not be afforded by one individual. Put it on the list, you may get it!

Your First Home Together

If you are setting up housekeeping for the first time together, this is an easier task, as you probably need just about everything. Both of you should choose the things that go on your registry list.First Home Together

Does your future spouse have more knowledge about the electronics for the house, for instances?

Are you more knowledgeable about small appliances and other items you may need?

Communicate with each other about items and/brands you may need based on each other’s knowledge. Since the gifts are for both of you, both of you should have input.

Living Together Already

If you already live together, do take stock of the items you have and determine what items you might like to add to your registry to complete a room.

In lieu of gifts, some couples who already live together or who are entering a second or late-in-life marriage, ask that donations be made to a favorite charity.Living Together Already

In lieu of any gifts, simply indicate on the invitation that “your attendance is our gift,” or words to that effect if you would prefer not to receive gifts at all.

Monogrammed Items

It’s great to have a few monogrammed items as they are just pure fun to have. Be careful here, however! Most stores will not allow you to return an item once it has been monogrammed especially for you.

Return Item Policy

Make sure, before you register, that you understand the store’s return policy and the time limits on your ability to return certain items.

Being aware of the store’s return and exchange timelines will help you better plan and manage your registry and ensure that you get the maximum benefit of the gifts you do receive.Return policy

If you can get a copy of the store’s written policy, all the better.

It could come in handy when dealing with the various store or online personnel.

Gift Price Ranges

Choose gifts from a variety of price ranges. Some of your guests will want to be very generous in their gift gifting, while other will be happy to find items in a more moderate price range.Gift Value

The idea is simple, in that everyone will be able to select a gift in a price range that feels comfortable for them.

Some people will, in all likelihood, add an inexpensive item or two to a more costly gift, so make such generosity simple for them.

Make Shopping Easy for Your Guests

Your registries should be available online to make shopping easy, no matter the hour or day. Everyone is quite busy with their lives and to have to take time out of the day to visit a shop in person, maybe a problematic task for many.

It is okay to register at some smaller stores that may not have an internet presence for your local guests. Just make sure that all your guests have various shopping options.

Review Your List Often

Most registries automatically keep track of items purchased and update itself each time someone makes a purchase. Checking your registry often allows you to add a variety of other options that other guests can choose from.

Some registry advisers suggest you have at least two times the number of items on your list as the number of guests attending your wedding. Keep it updated for those late shoppers.

Final Thoughts

Your guests will appreciate knowing that their gift was received. Let no more than two or three weeks go by after the wedding without sending a Thank-You Card.

If you plan to go away on your honeymoon directly after the wedding, mail your Thank-you cards within two weeks of returning from your honeymoon.

It is always courtesy to mention the gift by name in your thank-you note, and perhaps, tell the sender some small note of interest about how or when the gift will be used in the near future.  That makes it especially important that you, or someone else, keep good records of who sent what!

2 Replies to “Bridal Gift Registry Ideas”

  1. This is a great guide that engaged couples can use for their registry items. I’ve been to several weddings recently, and was a little bit disturbed by the items that were asked for.

    One couple had nothing but items that were at least $100 each and most were over $200. While that may be standard in other parts of the country, it’s not at all here in the rural Midwest.

    Another couple had their mother call all the guests and tell them that since they’d been living together for a long time, they wanted every individual person coming to the wedding to donate $100 to their Vegas gambling fund.

    Needless to say, we decided not to attend either of these weddings.

    1. Hi Janelle

      Thanks for your comments.  Wow, it’s still amazing the things some engaged couples will do.  However, wedding guests should never be put in the position of having to spend beyond their means and it is rude of the bride and groom to do so.  As I suggest on my website, there should be choice in a variety of price ranges so that guests can choose what works for best them.  Bravo to you, I think you did the right thing by simply not attending the weddings you mention.

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