Money Saving Ideas Weddings – More Ways to Save

Hi and welcome back.  As promised I will continue the list of money saving ideas weddings from my last post.  I hope you found the previous information useful and that this new post will add additional items for your consideration.

Bridal Shoes

Rather than fancy delicate bridal shoes that you may never wear again, substitute them for white sandals or pumps. Shoes designated as “wedding shoes” are usually more expensive, plus not many of us ever find a reason to wear them again.  bridal shoes

I know…we all say we are going to dye them for future use, but we seldom get around to it!

If your wedding is on the beach, have fun with a pair of pretty soleless wedding sandals.  These are beaded, pearl, or rhinestone anklets and are really quite pretty.  After the wedding, you can wear them again and again, just for fun, while on the beach.

If you already have a pair of shoes that would work for your wedding, perhaps you could add a bit of embellishment to change the look of them, i.e. glue on rhinestones, ruffles, bows or colorful crystals.

Reception Items

Try negotiating with your wedding ceremony and reception venue to include needed items as a part of your contract rather than paying for them separately.  As an example when I planned a wedding for a friend, the hotel rented table candelabras for wedding receptions held at their hotel.

Because of the size of the wedding, I asked the hotel to allow us to use their candelabras without their usual rental fee.  Mission accomplished!  Otherwise, it would have cost the bride $20 each or an additional $300 to rent candelabras for her 15 tables.

Reception Music

Forget the live band for your reception and go with a “Jammin’ DJ.”  Choose your favorite tunes from their vast inventory, mix it up!  Pick the right professional wedding DJ, and he/she can make your reception an event that everyone will enjoy and remember. Wedding DJ

Ask for references and then check them out because this is your once-in-a-lifetime party and you want the best professional you can find for the job!

The Wedding Cake or Cakes

Rather than a huge very expensive wedding cake, why not order a smaller version of the cake you want.  Then, and here is the beautiful part, supplement it with a sheet cake(s) made to match the color, icing, and flavor of your “big cake.”

Have the venue’s wait staff keep the sheet cake(s) in the kitchen.  Ask THEM to cut, plate, and service it.  They can also just cut and plate it and put it on the cake table where people can serve themselves.  All this, of course, takes place AFTER you and your spouse have cut your ceremonial wedding cake.

Cakes can be expensive, and this is a HUGE MONEY SAVER!  You’ll still have most of your wedding cake for the cake ceremony and photos.   Guests tend to drift away once the cake has been cut anyway, allowing your venue staff to cut, plate and serve the sheet cakes.

Another way to save big on your cake is to place an order with a warehouse chain, without mentioning that it is for a wedding. They tend to raise the price for wedding cakes, while a simple cake in the same flavors will be reasonably priced.

At the warehouse bakery counter, order three separate, two-layer round or square cakes.  Specific that the cakes are to be in three different sizes (with your selected frosting on each cake – the same or different).  Wedding Cake

These three different cakes from largest to smallest will fit on a rented cake display with three graduated shelves. Check the cake stand measurements before ordering.

Now, dress-up your beautiful three-tier masterpiece with ribbons, flowers, cake bride and groom topper/or other items once you place the already decorated cakes on the floating cake stand.


Ditch the open bar and serve only wine and beer. Or put one or two bottles each of red and white wine at each table. Your guests will know that the bottles on the table are theirs to If you would like to have a champagne toast, wait until it’s time for the toast and circulate trays of already-poured champagne. Not everyone will want to participate in the toast, and filling each glass about half full will suffice.

No Alcohol

Some couples decide not to serve alcohol at all.  Here I would strongly suggest that you know your guests well.  Unless there is a religious equation, many of your wedding guests will probably expect alcohol at an evening reception.

But, if you decide to skip it, serve beverages such as iced tea, hot tea, soft drinks, coffee and water with and after the meal.  You may want to serve a punch when serving the wedding cake if you are not serving alcohol.

Table Centerpieces

Instead of full floral arrangements as your centerpieces, think outside of the box to create centerpieces for each table at your reception. Roses, Carnations, Cala Lilies, Peonies or the flower of your choice, beautifully arranged in one or more small vases always look lovely.

You can find inexpensive vases at most local discount stores.  Dollar stores usually have a good selection. You might include LED lighting inside the vase of flowers for a nice glowing effect. Wedding Table Centerpiece You can buy LED lights that are waterproof for this purpose.

Try floating candles in a beautiful glass bowl as another example. Two or three candles in different heights and sizes are always attractive and can be picked up for reasonable prices at local discount stores.

Let the beauty of the area where you live inspire you with ideas. If you are near the Ocean, utilize sea shells for decorations.  The countryside may also offer you great ideas to enhance your wedding. Twigs, pine cones or branches, arranged in an attractive manner or other natural wonders may be just the thing to make your wedding memorable to your guests.

Wedding Napkins

Go big on your cocktail napkins.  Get them at a big box warehouse store or party supply store. Most of us don’t notice the initials or wording on napkins as we wipe away a bit of hors-d’oeuvre, so choose a solid color that best matches your wedding colors and save a ton of money in the process.


Be crafty and creative!  Think about what is most important as you research and explore the possibilities. And have fun.










4 Replies to “Money Saving Ideas Weddings – More Ways to Save”

  1. Hi,
    I consider a wedding to be a once in a lifetime event. The wedding shouldn’t be cheap but at the same time you don’t want to spend too much money. It is a good idea to save money but it does cost to rent space, buy clothes, food and decorations.

    1. I agree weddings should not look cheap and there are tons of ways to have a beautiful wedding and save money too. You can do a lot with a relatively small budget when you use many of the suggestions you find on our site. Thanks for your comments and hope to see you again.

  2. Lillian, these are great ideas to save money on the wedding. I think if the food is good, then guests may not recognize the corners you cut for savings, at least the ones you suggest above. I agree the napkins can be solid that is something I wouldn’t recognize. The centerpieces are very noticable so those have to be nice. Tacky centerpieces can change the whole ambience. How about serving only wine and having a cash bar for anything else? I’m not too keen on the no alcohol wedding; heck, even Jesus turned water to wine for a wedding 🙂 Thanks for sharing this good advice.

    1. You are so right, even Jesus turned water into wine, lol. It’s one of the reasons I suggest that the bride and groom know their wedding guests. Unless there is a religious component, most guests expect at least wine or beer. While I do know that some people decide to have cash bars, I’m not a fan and would prefer, in that case, to just serve wine and beer which can be considerably less expensive than hard alcohol. Thanks for the visiting. Hope to see you again soon.

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