Planning Your Wedding at Work without Co-Worker Drama

If you work full time, no doubt some planning for your wedding will have to be done during the day. That means, while you are at work! In this post I offer a few tips on planning your wedding at work without co-worker drama!

Be Discreet

It is probably very smart of you to not make waves or attract unnecessary attention when you are working on personal matters in the office. If you must make a phone call, step away from your desk to do so while using your smart phone to both make and receive telephone call during the day.

Perhaps there is an empty office or conference room you could use for a minute. It is probably best to go outside the building and use your cell phone even on your breaks.

Less Talk about Your Wedding

In other words, don’t make every conversation you have with a co-worker about your wedding. While it is hugely important to you, frankly, it’s not so much to your co-workers. Besides, you don’t want them thinking you areupset woman spending all your time planning your wedding and not doing your work.

It also makes it a lot easier to NOT invite certain co-workers to your wedding when you are making out your guest lists. The chances are if you don’t spend a lot of time talking about your wedding, the less chance you will have of offending those you do not invite. Shsss!

Minimize Use of Your Work Computer

Many browsers allow users to use an “incognito” or similar window that reduces your usage footprint on a computer. Even using “incognito” however, employers may track employee computer usage and web sites visited.

In addition, with the advent of computer viruses, you do not want to bring your office network crashing down because of non-work related activities.

Additionally, be warned that deleting your browsing history does not always prevent your company from seeing what websites you have visited. While it’s co-workers on computerhuman to want to use your computer during the day to check some of your wedding-related issues, do be careful.

You may want to keep another work-related screen open if and when you are handling wedding matters, so that you can toggle back to the work screen quickly should a co-worker (or your boss) enter your work space.

Do not use company e-mail addresses for your wedding communications. All correspondences should be directed to your personal account and, if you can, refrain as much as possible, from opening your personal account at work.

The reason is you will get an email that you will want to respond to. That will lead to a phone call, which leads to another call, which possibly could have waited until you were away from work.

Arrive Early to Your Office

If there are things you must do that relate to your wedding, arrive before the start of the workday. This will give you time to make followup phone calls that you could not return during the evening, or any number of things that you can accomplish before the official work day began.

I would suggest you set the timer on your smart phone however, to alert you when the official work day starts. It is very easy to get involved with taking care of your wedding plans that you will not even realize that the work day has started.

Use Your Lunch Hour

If at all possible, try to do anything related to your wedding outside the office and on your lunch break. Ask the caller if you can return the call on your lunch or break if you think the call will last more than a minute or two.

There may be times when appointments you want to make fall outside the lunch break. This is bound to happen as many offices are open Monday through Friday.

When this does occur, ask your supervisor if you can take an odd-hour lunch if possible – rather than lunch at noon, ask if you may take your lunch during the hour for your appointment.

Ask for a Personal Day Off

When you can schedule several tasks in a single day, ask for a personal day off – or if you have the time, take a sick day. It will bring your anxiety level down a notch and you can accomplish what you need to do regarding your wedding.

Your supervisor and co-workers may actually appreciate the lunch hour and personal day off option because it allows you to focus on your job at the office when you are thee.

Ask Your Bridal Party/Friends to Help

They are usually almost as excited as you about the wedding and will probably be very willing to help with some items on your “bride’s to-do list.” I know that it is sometimes very hard to ask for help but you will probably find your parents friends and bridal party member just waiting to be asked to help.

It will take a lot of the burden off you and it will make those close to you feel more involved with your plans. Meet with your friends during the weekend sopeople talking that fully understand what it is that you would like them to do.

Don’t forget to get your future spouse to help as well, as it makes him or her feel included and valued in getting the things done for you wedding.

Request Vacation Time Early

Put in a request for the dates of your wedding and/or honeymoon as early as you know the date. This shows your supervisor that you want to give them enough time to have someone cover for you in your absence. If necessary, you will also have sufficient time to train the individual depending on how long you will be out of the office.

Bottom Line

Be fair to your employer and co-workers while you are on the job. That means that you should strive to accomplish as much as you can without your wedding plans interfering with your job. Both your employer and your co-workers will appreciate you for it.





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